Monday, February 27, 2006

" Awaken "

Arise from your slumber.
It is time to awaken...
Let's be among the number
Not torn, worn or forsaken.

A warning is given this day
In hopes of readying the soul
His Coming is not too far away;
The Lord, God, is our goal.

Make haste! Do not waste a second!
It is a Season of fasting and prayer.
Heed the call for the Lord has beckoned.
He admonishes us with unending care.

Be like the virgins with oil in our lamps.
Do not be caught off guard
Or wallowing in enemy camps.
Nor be with spirits marred.

'Tis a blessing this time of growth
Preparing the way of the Lord.
Holy Spirit inspire minds 'n hearts both!
Let's Praise God in one accord.

Time to arise, "Come follow Me.
I have come that you might live,
If you would understand and truly see
All of the Blessings I desire to give."

"Come with Me; take my Hand;
Listen to the sound of My Voice.
Walk with Me to Heaven's Land;
Where all souls in My Kingdom rejoice."

© Mel Patterson 2-27-06

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