Thursday, February 23, 2006

" To GOD be "

The morning begins with a prayer.
Thank you Father for your care.
Praise you for your marvelous deeds
And caring for our numerous needs.

Because of you we have breath and live.
All good graces and blessings You give.
You are the Lord of Lords and King of kings;
Peace is the gift that your mercy brings.

Father, you are our heavenly treasure,
And loving us is your pure pleasure.
We are grateful for the Gift of your Son.
In your great plan our souls He has won.

To God be the glory; to God be the praise.
Let's sing to the Lord all of our days.
Raise His Name on high, shout it out loud.
We yearn for His Coming upon the cloud.

Keep oil on hand and your candle always lit.
Be on guard! Avoid being enticed to the pit.
The evil tempter wants to own your soul.
Remember that the Lord is our Final Goal.

O God of Glory! O God of Might,
We'll keep you within our sight.
Lord, you are Holy, Sacred and Divine.
May Hallelujah PRAISES always be Thine.

Mel Patterson (c) February 24, 2006

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