Tuesday, February 20, 2007


How have I prepared for the Season of Lent?
How shall I feel when my forty days are spent?
Will I be satisfied that I have done my best
Had I kept a clean house for our Saving Guest?

Would I have hidden my face in shame?
For sins I committed - others would I blame?
Or will I shoulder that which I had done
And repented sorrowfully to God's only Son?

How can I prove my love is sincerely true?
How can I fast and pray when it is so hard to do?
When will I find the time in my already busy day
To put You First, Foremost and follow Your Way?

Help me, Lord, to make these forty days holy.
Show me how to love and sacrifice for You wholly.
Cleanse me of all that would keep us apart.
Grant me a repenting, forgiven and renewed heart.
How I pray for a new beginning, a fresh start,
Every grace to my soul please impart;
My Lord and my Savior,
O Thou art.


© Mel Patterson, 2-20-07

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