Thursday, March 01, 2007


Outside interference plagues my mind
as I try to unscramble my thoughts,
collect my wits, settle my soul
and rebuke enemy onslaughts
which attack the peace I seek.
Odorous sin does indeed reek
robbing me of inner joy,
as satan wants to employ
all means in all his schemes
to make of me ~ his toy.

No more devil's manipulation !
I decide for God's stipulation,
To set me back on track
And toss the monkey off my back !
I pray the Lord to fill my lack
With blessing and grace
To run the race
However slow the pace.

It is here I begin to see
That prayer is the key
And confession sets me free.

With refreshment and renewal
I see Faith as a precious jewel;
I am forgiven because I confessed;
With God's Graces I am blessed
Beyond all measure
with heavenly treasure.
Is the Father's good will and pleasure.

© Mel Patterson, 3-1-07

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