Saturday, March 17, 2007


May God send you an angel in the throes of trouble
To come at the most opportune time;
When you feel your life's nothing but rubble
Your angel'll support you; help you in your climb.

You may be taken to another dimension
You may be unaware of what surrounds you;
All is set aright with relief of nagging tension
If you'll heed the message and follow through.

When God sends an angel, he may send a friend ~
He may not send a being with a halo or wings
Although they have been known to descend,
For with God ~ are possible such things.
Either way upon your needs he'll tend
'Til your soul again may ascend.
Then do your angel lend
to another friend
waiting round the bend
for that heart may be broken
In need of a loving token
a warm embrace,
blessing and grace
to make it through
just like you.
Dear Lord I pray to You
Do my friend imbue
With angelic help, too.

© Mel Patterson 3-17-07

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