Saturday, March 03, 2007


When my soul is elevated during deep prayer,
I am transported out of myself to a place where
I have no physical consciousness of self or surrounding
Being caught up in God's peace and love abounding.

It seems Jesus comes to meet me there,
Takes my hand and greets me with great care
Leading me to that place
Where there is no time and no restrictive space
But an openness and freeing up of His grace.

Gliding upwards with Him gently and slowly
My feet barely touch the stairs in the climb;
How could one so simply and pitiably lowly
Gain entrance to an event so utterly sublime?

It is here I see Heaven's Gate in billows of pastel mist
I see pinks and blues, all manner of lovely hues
And I know Heav'n is promised to all on God's list
For He calls each one of us if we listen to His cues.

The vision ends even though my soul transcends
The world and its disturbances to my soul;
Being open to the graces and blessings He sends
Fortifies the spirit in steadily approaching the Goal.

If I could take the Peace I experience at this time
And spread it over and above my limitations,
I would give it to you to assist you in your climb
Then you, too, could taste joy-filled expectations,

© Mel Patterson, 3-3-07

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