Friday, March 23, 2007

" An Hour with You "

Sweet Jesus with excited heart I come to see you.
I glance your way and know I am safe.
I am secure in your everlasting Love;
O My Lord, Jesus my Savior, God above,
For only you my very soul and spirit long,
May I ever and always hear your song.

O Lord, my God, I bask in your Radiance.
As I gaze at you, you gaze right back at me,
Blessed Sacrament encased in golden filigree.
I find a taste of your Heavenly treasure;
Within my soul we share Divine pleasure
Which you give to me in limitless measure.

All too soon the time to leave has arrived
And sadly I must go from you until next time;
Lord, I thank you for this hour sublime.

You have filled my spirit with many a grace
Because I came to visit you Face to face
In this quiet and lovely place.
I bow upon bended knees,
To my heart you hold the keys;
Stay within my soul, please.

Reluctantly this meeting must adjourn ~
As I approach the church door and turn
I throw you a kiss you will not spurn
So fed by Holy Spirit Fire,
O Object of my desire,
My soul indeed does burn
Evermore for you I'll yearn.

© Mel Patterson, 3-23-07

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