Monday, April 02, 2007

" Questions and The Answer "

Are you so busy about many things
That you can't see what peace brings?
Is your mind racing here and there?
Do you have any time to spare?

Do you ever wonder what's it all about?
Do you get so upset you want to shout?
Is your life not so happy for you?
Have doldrums set in? Are you blue?

It would be well for you to take stock;
Slow down, be calm and hear His knock.
Jesus is tapping on the door of your heart;
Blessings and graces He wants to impart.

Take the time to settle down and pray;
You'll be glad you did one fine day.
You'll find the heavy load will be lightened,
Less and less will you become frightened.
The dark night of the soul will have brightened
Your love for the Lord Jesus will have heightened.

Be encouraged and uplifted, dear soul
You've had enough and paid your toll.
Now is the time for an earned spiritual rest
You've crossed the desert to reach your quest.

Jesus is here and longing to embrace you
With innumerable blessings He will grace you.
Welcome Him with your arms open wide;
In His Love you'll joyfully abide,
And at the appointed time
One day in Paradise you will reside.

© Mel Patterson, April 2, 2007

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