Saturday, April 21, 2007

" This Very Night "

Star-studded velvet midnight-blue sky,
Crowned with crescent moon up on high,~
Northern star exceedingly big and bright ~
My eye beholds this very beautiful sight,
And I'm in awe of this heavenly night.

Lost in the wonder of its' magnificence,
I resist going inside with utmost reticence.
I gaze at the grand expanse of sky God created
And am humbled His Son for my sin expiated;
By His Sacrifice my soul was emancipated.

A night such as this causes my soul to soar;
My thoughts take flight and I love Him more.
For a time everything around me fades away
And as Jesus' Presence captivates me I pray,
O Lord, help me greet a brand new day.

This beautiful night so peaceful and calm
Blesses my very soul like soothing balm.
Cool breeze brushing across my face
A hint of Holy Spirit breathing grace,
And I bask in this heavenly place.

This very night, may it never end
For my spirit it did transcend.
Long shall I remember,
From January to December,
This night,
This very night,
This heavenly night.

© Mel Patterson, 4-21-07

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