Saturday, January 13, 2007

" Little Bundle "

Little bundle of pink fluff
You did not live long enough;
You stole my heart since first I saw you
Not to hear your voice, nor little coo,
Little infant babe born so long ago~
To God I offered you, even though
My heart was ripped and ill-equipped
To handle the morose sorrows
Flooding my spirit and my soul
Upon my heart your passing took its' toll.

As these forty years unfold
(For you, today, would have been that old)...
I rejoice in the gift of your precious life
You were spared this earthly strife ~
On your third day, Jesus embraced you
And took you away to where you are
Way above every star
In God's Kingdom ever to be,
And you wait for me
That I can plainly see,


Erin Mary.

© Mel Patterson 1-13-07

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