Wednesday, January 03, 2007

" I WAIT "

Do you hear me, Lord, when I call to you?
Do you know my every thought and word?
Do you know and see what I say and do?
When I am sad and cry, am I heard?

O dear child of mine, I hear every cry.
I hear what you say and I see what you do.
I am always near; I hear your every sigh
I cherish you and love you endlessly, too.

Before time began I knew you ~
I thought about you for a very long time;
I gave you life and an everlasting soul
That we might sing together in rhyme
For the wedding of your soul to Mine.

I offer you an eternity of wedded bliss,
A grand banquet set before your eyes;
I'll bless your soul with a Holy Kiss
And smilingly take your hand
to my promised land.
Take my hand.
Let me lead
I plead.
It is all for you all that I do.

. ...I wait....

© Mel Patterson 1-3-06

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