Tuesday, January 23, 2007

" Acceptance "

There is a sorrow deep inside of me,
That tugs at my heart and soul
It is regretting the missed opportunity
That ought to have been my spirit's goal.

How is it I did not see the Light?
Why did I not do what I planned?
It seems my soul chose only blight
As I planted my feet in only sand.

As I ponder and pray to you, O Lord
I am beginning to see it your way.
Keep me focused to your holy accord
Help me to mend and bend as you say.

I am yours, Lord, do with me what you will.

Teach me to acquiesce to your Holy Law;
O that I might always hear your call,
Never to ignore your pleading
You're always interceding
To the Father for me
Teach me to see
Thee in
That I mirror you
In all I say and do.

© Mel Patterson 1-23-07

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