Friday, December 28, 2007

" JOY and PEACE and LOVE "

Year's end is swiftly encroaching,
Leaving the present year behind,
The New Year is fast approaching,
The goals we sought, did we find?

Were we satisfied with mediocrity?
Did we strive for so much less?
Did we flaunt an air of superiority?
Did we make of ourselves a pitiable mess?

The time is coming for a new resolution
The New Year offers new promise and hope
We plead with God for His absolution
And trust in His mercy to help us cope.

Starting afresh, let us begin the New Year
By recalling His Tenets and His Law
Remembering that He is always near
Ready to catch us if and when we fall.

Seas may rage and oceans may heave
And fall we shall ~ but do not always fear it
For Jesus told us that He will never leave
Through the Power of His Holy Spirit.

Spiritual things are seen and unseen
It is within the soul we come to know it;
In evaluating our walk we see where we've been
Growing in holiness ~ or ~ wallowing in sin
Forgiveness is needed without a doubt
And when it is given we want to shout
for and with
Joy and Peace and Love
All Blessings from God above!
Joy and Peace and Love !!
Joy and Peace and Love!!!

Let's begin the New Year
with renewed
~ JOY and PEACE and LOVE ~

© Mel Patterson, 12-28-07

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