Sunday, December 16, 2007


Chilly! It's very chilly today!
Whistling winds sweep the air
Playing havoc with one's hair
Scarves pulled tightly
Coats buttoned rightly,
It's very chilly today!

Chilly! It's getting more chilly today!
Whirling winds surging even more
Twirling, remaining leaves soar
Like a hundred birds flying in the sky,
An awesome view to delight the eye.
It's even more chilly today!

Chilly! It is most chilly today!
Winds are calming slightly now
Got through this rough day somehow
Reddened cheeks and nose tip frozen
Now swiftly to home, I have chosen,
It was extremely chilly today!

Chilly! It WAS chilly today!
Warming up by the hearth's fire
Feeling toasty, beginning to tire
Hot chocolate tasty and luscious
How I love it so muchous.
It WAS chilly today!

Time now to hit the hay
but not before I say
Thank you, Lord
For this invigorating day.

Lord, it WAS chilly today!

© Mel Patterson, 12-16-07

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