Monday, December 31, 2007


Why is it sometimes I feel strong
And other times everything seems wrong
Yet, there are times, I break forth into song
Knowing the Savior to whom I belong?

The ups and downs of life I know
Often have me heaving to and fro;
The fact of the matter is that life is so,
Thank the Lord to whom I may always go.

The seesaw of life springs me up and down
You might see on my face a doleful frown
Yet here is Jesus adorned in golden crown
With a red mantle over his long white gown.

He keeps me focused on the things above;
Filling my emptiness with his everlasting love.
It is through Him, with Him and in Him
I have the strength and courage to live
Thru the grace His Holy Spirit does give
Boundless blessings upon me alight
I praise the Lord with all my might
He is sheer Heavenly Delight
It's Joy to be in His Sight
My soul takes flight
Soaring ...
ultimate height.
© Mel Patterson, 1-1-08

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