Wednesday, January 02, 2008

O my people the veil thins
Between goodness and sins;
It draws nigh that swiftly I come
Loving all, taking some,
I mete out justice over all.
If only all,
would hear my call.

I come to you in the night
When you muse upon my might;
I chase the spirit of darkness and gloom
I protect you from sins' vacuum
I lift your soul in my hands
And gaze upon you with heart aflame
Would that you truly understood
why it is.......I came.
Ponder what is above
Come with me, my love.

Upon a steed, in armor adorned,
I come soon; you are warned
Prepare your soul for my visitation
All will know of my justification.
Soon the hour of completion will be done
Be ready for me ~ I AM ~ God's only Son.

These things I tell you out of deep love
I'll take you to my Father above
O my people the veil is thin
I break forth, come in,
Where our souls wedded will be
For ever and ever in eternity.
© Mel Patterson, Jan. 3, 2008

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