Friday, January 11, 2008

" Teetering on the Edge "

We stand on a precipice and teeter on the edge
O Lord, help us not to slip and fall;
Let satan not draw between us a wedge ~
Speak loudly that we may hear your Call.

Lord, we are so weak and growing very weary
We stumble, fall, drag ourselves hour upon hour
Our eyes are swollen shut, tired and teary;
O lift our crosses with your almighty power.

We can't live up to our own expectations
Let alone try to live up to Yours;
Help us to revel again in jubilation,
Help us fight off satan's lures.

Our bodies, minds, hearts, souls and spirit
Suffer under the weight of the cross we carry;
Your humble submission, may we mirror it,
Permit your guiding hand not to tarry.

It becomes clear to us that we are to blame
For the position in which we find ourselves;
In soulful petition we call upon Your Name,
Lord, forgive us and hold us to Thyself.

~ Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you bring ~
~ Thank you for removing sin's sting ~
~ In gratitude and Praise to you we sing ~
You are our Lord! You are our King!
~ In Heaven and earth Praises ring ~
In Adoration we all sing!
You are Lord and King!!!

© Mel Patterson, 1-11-08

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