Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My Son told me He would make all things new;
How could I have known what that would ensue?
He told me He'd die for a cause that was just
And the suffering He would endure, He said He must.

When He grew from a tiny baby into a child.
With Joseph His Father, much wood they piled,
To make many a frame, a door, a table and chair;
Working together they were quite a pair.

For a time after Joseph passed on we were grieving,
And after some years later, my Jesus was leaving;
It was so hard to see Him go off into the world,
I felt my heart was ripped out and hurled.

He must be about His Father's business He said;
So many men and women to Heaven would be led.
Within I knew God had designed and planned
That all would all come to pass at my Jesus' hand.

If only people would listen and heed Him
And realize they desperately need Him;
He wants them to recognize God our Father,
And not feel that salvation is a bother.

The joy that awaits those who obey His Law
Graciously given to those who heed His call
Is unconditionally and everlastingly given
To every soul that is Holy Spirit driven.

When my Son was arrested and tortured, I cried,
"My sweet and beautiful Jesus they crucified."
The hole in my heart was mended in three days
As Jesus was resurrected; to God I sang praise.

Praise God with me everyone who loves my Son!
Your precious souls my Jesus has won;
Victory's with Him now and forevermore.
One day we'll all Praise God on Heaven's shore;
Only Him for all eternity we'll adore,
Where every soul will blessedly soar.

My Son made all things new


~ for you ~


© Mel Patterson, 1-16-08

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