Sunday, October 14, 2007

" Noise! "

Shattering peace is the disturbance of noise
Which invades the soul from its prior poise,
As the soul soars in heavenly contemplation
It's then catapulted into painful vexation.

Where is the peace that once was mine?
The Gift given to me once upon a time?
It shall come again; of this I am very sure
As I release my spirit to God so pure.

In the meantime I patiently and hopefully wait
For the blessings from the Keeper of the Gate
He lifts my heart, my soul and my spirit;
For temporary loss of peace, I'll not fear it.

I'll continue to pray to Him without ceasing
For to the Lord our God it is most pleasing
To ever thank Him and lift His Name on high
Keeping eyes fixed upon His azure blue sky.

Once again, His peace does blessedly visit;
When it leaves briefly next time I'll miss it.
For now, through His Grace, I attain it;
O my Sweet Jesus help me to sustain it.

Grant that I may ever bask in your love
Amid any noise be buoyed by your Dove,
The Dove of Peace fluttering His Wings
Blessed Lord Jesus, how my hearts sings.

© Mel Patterson 10-14-07

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