Tuesday, February 19, 2008


You call us to a closer union with you
A place we have never been before;
You beckon us to follow your every cue
Upon us every good grace you pour.

You extend your hand and gently lead
Taking us on the journey of our lives;
One day at a time you bid us proceed
To be with you, Lord, the soul strives.

We see your hand outstretched toward us
Bidding us lovingly, "Come follow me."
Lord, with plenteous blessings award us;
Hear us, O Lord, and answer our plea.

Graciously hear us, O Lord, when we cry,
Cry out to you in prayerful petition;
Be our stronghold we prayerfully sigh
As we submit to you in humble contrition.

Unite our hearts with yours forever more
Assume us, Lord, into your own Heart afire
Then will our souls and spirits ever soar
Praising you with heav'nly harp and lyre.

© Mel Patterson, 2-19-08

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