Monday, February 25, 2008

" TIME to Take STOCK "

Do we want it all and do we want it right now?
Do we become frustrated trying to figure out how?
Do we demand and require many needless things?
Heartache and tears are what selfishness brings.

Do we pass the beggar by and give him an evil eye?
Do we look down on the poor with a snickering sigh?
Do we think we'll never walk that particular mile?
Do we go our own way with a sneer and a smile?

It's time to put the skids to that kind of thinking,
Or deeper down the slippery slope we'll be sinking.
It's time to take stock of our soul and our spirit,
Or the scorching hot flames of hell will sear it.

Open the eyes of our soul to see as Jesus can see,
He who gave His life up for the likes of you and me.
He gently chides us and within His heart hides us
To protect us from satan who desires to fight us.

Open the eyes of our hearts and think kindly of others;
Be in tune to the suffering of all our sisters and brothers.
Love them as Jesus teaches us how to love them rightly;
Learn and pray the Lord's Prayer daily and nightly.

Every provision we need the Lord will provide
As long as we travel our long journey by His side.
He came that we might gain eternal life with Him;
Through His Blood we are freed from satan's whim.

The Lord's is the earth, mountains, sea and sky,
As well as sun, moon, stars, and clouds rolling by.
Expand our minds, hearts, spirits and souls;
Immerse ourselves in loftier goals.
It is time to tend to Heavenly Fare
A Banquet awaits us there,
Lord, hear our prayer.

© Mel Patterson, 2-25-08

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