Friday, November 28, 2008

"Thru Jesus I've Won"

All I can say is my heart bleeds for you
And to God it lovingly pleads for you.
You can't know how hard I pray
That the pain will go away.

The Jesus in me wants you healed;
In His Love you are forever sealed
His pure heart gives your soul wings
To soar and fly where the sparrow sings
Peace and Joy is what He brings
This Lord of lords, this King of kings.

I pray His Healing Hand to draw you
Softly, tenderly, gently, to His Heart
For your healing and restoration, too
His wholeness and holiness to impart

May the day be swift, quickly the night follow through
When we may sing His Praises because of you
For the healing that is sure to come
As prayers are prayed for you, Dear one,
We place our full trust in God's Only Son
One day you will say, "thru Jesus I've won!"
© Mel Patterson, 11-28-08

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