Tuesday, November 04, 2008

" Released from Purgatory "

When I think of the Holy Souls in prayerful mode,
I see millions of lights float to the heavenly abode;
They speedily travel upward right before my eyes
Floating swiftly yet gently to the skies.

Surely their souls were Blood-bought
As they yearned and hungrily sought
To be cleansed of all of their sin
In that refining place they've been;
Their sufferings are not for nought!
God knows what our prayers have wrought.

Our prayers can help them attain the Goal
As one by one there is refined a precious soul
From life to death to purgative cleansing,
The Holy Souls purified begin ascending.
Freed at last from their painful load
Lighted souls float to the heavenly abode
Speedily traveling upward before the eyes
Floating swiftly...yet gently...to the skies.

© Mel Patterson, 11-4-08

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