Monday, March 24, 2008

As my Blood coursed through my veins
I was forced to suffer horrendous pains;
I was beaten with cruel whips of fire,
Humiliatingly disrobed of all my attire.

The crown I wore they savagely applied
The Agony so great, I silently cried.
Dragging that cross upon my shoulder,
The crowd's taunts became much bolder.

I beheld the loving face of my mother
My heart was wrenched; I loved her.
Veronica kindly wiped my face
Giving me brief rest from the pace.

Three times I fell on jagged stone
Ripping my knees and shins to the bone.
Soldiers summoned Simon from Cyrene
I was the most pitiful sight he'd ever seen.

Bloodied and battered I looked a fright
Women and children wailed at the sight.
As we made our way to the fateful hill
Spittle and jeers were hurled at me still.

They threw me onto that cross of wood
Mobs of onlookers curiously stood
Watching the nails being pound
Hearing my mournful sound.

They saw the Cross raised;
In a frenzy they were crazed,
Hanging around glaring
Not one of them caring
Except my loved ones who were there
I wondered when I died how they'd fare.
I gave John and my mother
One to the other
So they would have one another.

For those who judged me
For those who crucified me...
Father, forgive them;
They know not what they do.

I thirst..........I thirst.

Father, into your hands
I commend my spirit.

It is finished.

~ Blood coursed through His veins ~
He was forced to suffer incomprehensible pains;
Through His Blood Heaven for us He gains.
~ Now in Heaven Our Savior reigns ~

© Mel Patterson, 3-24-08

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