Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My beloved, who do you say that I am?
Do you believe that I AM The Pure Lamb?

Are you blinded or do you truly see
That you could become an image of Me?

Who do you really think I am, Dear one?
Do you think when I died my work was done?

Do you believe you are my My hands and My feet
And that I guide you from Heaven's Holy Seat?

If you truly know my love belongs to you
It will affect what you think, say and do.

For if you truly love Me and follow my ways
You'll find My Peace will bless your days.

Who Am I to you? I really want to know.
Do you know I lift you when you are low?

Can you imagine the expanse of my love
That spans eternity, earth to heav'n above?

I AM the GOD who willed you to be here
Before anything that ever came to being;
My child, I AM yours, you are Mine
I've removed the scales and you are seeing.

Now ~Who do you say that I Am?
Do you now believe
The Pure Lamb?

© Mel Patterson, 3-12-08

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