Saturday, August 09, 2008

" Living Water in an Arid Desert "

Empty, depleted, withdrawn, and dry
From the depths of one's heart comes a cry;
What does one do when caught in this lie
Where satan wants one's soul to die?

Nothing negative is of God we know
So how can the tempter deceive us so?
He gains entrance easily in susceptible souls
Who strive for worldly rather than heavenly goals.

While we see where the wrong may lie,
Jesus and satan for valuable souls do vie;
The battle is between principalities and powers
Our Lord's, far above satan's,indeed, towers.

Lean not on our own but upon the Lord's power
And believe His Majesty demands satan cower;
The Blood of Jesus covers us stem to stern
And saves us from the hell-fires that burn.

Rejuvenated, renewed, restored and healed
Thru the precious blood of Christ we are sealed;
The desert aridity is now replaced by living waters
Gifts He gives to His sons and daughters.

While peace of mind does indeed wax and wane
As life sends us the sun as well as the rain,
Be uplifted to know we can come to Him in prayer
And believe no matter what, He will always care
Lord, into Your Everlasting Life, we wish a share.

© Mel Patterson, 8-9-08

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