Monday, December 29, 2008


Perseverance is a virtue great blessings to imbue
Through it the soul is nurtured as it heeds every cue
From the Holy Spirit who indwells within it if it is true
To the faith of our fathers who guides us through
This earthly life on our way to heaven above
Where finally we'll rest in God's peace and love.

Hold fast!

While the road we travel is strewn with rocks and hills
And we are faced with pain, suffering and many ills,
Still we hold to the faith we were taught
Even though with slings and arrows we are fraught
Sliding and hiding, caught in the tangle
of satan trying every angle
our souls to wrangle.

Hold fast!

He comes, the Lord God of Hosts
The liar-satan snidely boasts
And sneakily slips away,
No more to hold us sway.
Our Savior bathes us in His Blood
His Graces our souls to flood

Hold fast!


© Mel Patterson, 12-29-08

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