Monday, June 30, 2008


Don't ask me about myself if you please
Unless you want to see me drop to my knees,
For I cannot share what is deep within my heart
Because to bare it would simply rip me apart.

I do better when I serve many others
Like you, my sisters and my brothers;
I don't do well to focus upon only me,
Try to understand and try to see
This is how I've got to be.

The Lord made me this way I dare say;
I can function with Him close by my side,
Leaning upon Him day after day after day
In Him forever I want and need to abide.

So, don't ask me if I am okay.
Just accept that I am this way;
The best way to help me is let me help you
And upon us both His favor He'll imbue
Pouring blessings down from heaven above
Gracing us with His everlasting Love.

© Mel Patterson, 6-30-08

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