Thursday, September 18, 2008


When I gaze upon the morning sunrise
I ponder the grandeur of God
Who has blessed our sight out of the night
Into the dawning of new daylight.

The sun may shine and the rain may fall
The snows cover the earth in peaceful pall
The earth may heave, waters may swell
Ebbs and flows of tides in time quell.
Every season's beauty we can see
Through God's creativity.

The Lord our God shows us and tells us
In countless ways - one after the other
Of His everlasting and unconditional Love
For you and me, His sister and brother,
His Heart to uncover.

Humility personified, Jesus, the Lord
Through Love His Blood was poured.
To Him alone all Praise we accord
Always and ever may He be adored.

© Mel Patterson, 9-18-08

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