Monday, September 01, 2008


A man named Art was sitting on the edge of his bed
Seeing him there alone we were strongly led
To go in and greet him with a warm "Hello,"
He looked a bear of a guy, an appealing fellow.

He was a black man as black as a man can be.
In that hospital room it was obvious to see,
He was staring at the blank green wall,
Leaning on the table cupping his jaw.
We told him we were led to call.

He smiled and told us his name
We smiled and did the same.
As we left we said, "God bless you, Art."
He in kind, said, "Thanks from my heart."
He thanked us warmly with a twinkle in his eye
This benevolent seeming very tall guy.
He made us smile, this gentle giant;
To the Lord's wish we were compliant.
Thank God Mena and I went;
I know Art was heaven-sent.

For the little we did for him, He did for us so much more;
We couldn't know the blessings that were in store.
We saw Jesus in him and in his smile
So happy we visited him for a while....
The memory of a man named Art
Is forever etched in my heart.
Thank God
for that man named Art.

© Mel Patterson, 9-1-08

There are 12 of us who go out two by two each week
to do two hours of works. We visit nursing homes,
the hospital, shut-ins, and we evangelize.
Hence, it was Filomena and I who visited
the hospital this week.

Our Lady of Knock Praesidium

St. Charles Borromeo Church


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