Friday, April 14, 2006


Where are you, my Son?
Where is your soul? Spirit?
Are you asleep?
For you I weep.
You were placed in the tomb,
Son of my womb;
How can this be
That you are gone from me?
Your torture ripped my heart
Your nailing split me apart.
I am consumed with sorrow,
I cannot see a tomorrow
Without you....and "I...
Want to die",
I cry.

Where you were the void is black;
Grace to get through I feel I lack.
"My God My God why have you abandoned me?"
I heard Him cry and I wonder why
You also abandoned me
For I suffer under the load I carry;
Permit not your help to tarry.
Come to my aid
The price has been paid
And Salvation won
By my beloved Son.

He died yesterday under great duress;
His cold body I held in a caress.
The memory is painful
His effort gainful
Father, I know and believe
even though it's hard to perceive
Your great plan
For mortal man
Is salvific and prolific;
Yours and my Son, too,
Did everything for You.

I await patiently upon Your Word
Even when this life seems absurd
With all of its tribulations and trials
You won't hear from me denials.
You are my God and all I have is Yours
Although the evil ones sets his lures;
I have Faith strong and steady
Father God I am ready
As the days unfold
As was foretold...
Blessed by Grace
JESUS ~You will RAISE !
Thee I will PRAISE
The rest of my Days !!!

© Mel Patterson – Holy Saturday, April 15, 2006

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