Friday, July 07, 2006

" Soul Blessing "

My soul longs to be united with Thee;
Like a magnet Thou dost draw it near.
Lord, upon Thy strong arm, I rest;
Thou dost wipe away my every tear.

As I rest my head against Thy Heart
And hear it throbbing for love of me.
There is joy as I gaze into Thy eyes;
My own heart throbs for love of Thee.

With spiritual eyes my soul delights
In the rapture of Thy beautiful Face.
Grant that I may ever be Thine;
Bless my soul with Thy Spirit and Grace.

In that final hour Thou wilt bid me "Come,"
My soul to exalt in Thy Presence.
Thou will take my hand and lead me Home
Where I'll ever behold Thy Holy Essence.

© Mel Patterson, July 7, 2006

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