Monday, July 24, 2006


In a dream state I was late ~
for a Wedding;
my old clothes I was shedding.
Obstacles in my way
holding me sway
As I tried to wade through
all of the ado
I thought of the Minister, and the Groom
Waiting for me to arrive soon.

It all seemed like slow motion
My mind was full of commotion.
I was getting nowhere fast or slow,
Did not know if I should stay home or go.
I decided to go no matter how long it took;
I arrived as the Word was read from the Book.

A lesson I understand from the content of the dream
Was to live God's Law and avoid the desire to scheme.
Manipulation is wrong at best,
Pure intent the better quest.
A Banquet is waiting for the chosen
Who awaken from all the dozin'
Time for us to shape UP, I'm supposin'
Stoke up the fire in hearts so frozen.

The Bridegroom is ready to receive His Bride;
She walks up the aisle to stand by His Side.
The Book of Life is read and after all is said
With His arms open wide
He encloses her inside
And holds her to His Heart
Never evermore to part.

Off we go together, Hand in hand,
Thy Kingdom come,
THY WILL.....has been.....done.

© Mel Patterson, 7-24-06

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