Sunday, September 03, 2006

" O, Restless Heart "

O, restless heart, battered and worn,
Weary, fatigued, saddened and torn,
Searching for release, respite and relief
From the rigors of life and its' grief
Satan steals hope like a thief.
But alas,
Here comes Jesus,
He opens his heart and invites us in,
Loving us and forgiving our sin,
Placing hope where there once was none,
He is the Messiah, the Holy One.

Keep our sights on Jesus, our Savior;
Upon his tender mercies savor,
Thank him and praise him all day long
For it is to him only our souls belong.

How often do we awaken in the middle of the night
Scared out of our wits and tremble in fright?
Did we hear something that sounded an alarm
Or did we dream someone would cause us harm?

Arise with a prayer and retire at night with one, too
And if you awaken in the night whisper "Jesus, I love you."
The night terrors will soon abate and flee
When we remember to put God first - for that's the Key.

God is First; place all else in its' proper place.
Let's pray to the Lord for the gift of his grace.
So, when we awaken in the night, we can pray
And thank God for the ability to say,
Be our Guest, O Lord, Savior True
We rest our hearts always in you.

© Mel Patterson, 9-3-06

"Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee."

St. Augustine

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