Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The mantle you wore was red;
Your gown was white as snow.
Not a word by you was said
But I knew exactly where to go.

You sped me along the path,
Each step faster than the next;
You showed no sign of wrath ~
Not once did I feel perplexed.

I was swept up in your Light,
Fully trusting in your Plan;
Even tho' I had not the foresight
I had the faith and, with it, I ran.

You made the way clear
Where there seemed to be none.
There was no thought of fear,
Not with you, God's Son.

I followed you as you led me
Along the avenues of life;
As I journey on I now see
I grew in trial and strife.

Hold me, mold me, enfold me;
Do with me what you will.
Shake me, break me, take me.
My whole being, Lord, please fill
With you and your Love
~ That I may mirror you ~
~ In all I say and do ~
~ Make me new ~
~ Like you ~

© Mel Patterson, 9-6-06

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