Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"The Falls"

The sound of the Falls
Thunders with applause
Glorifying God as it races,
Much as do His Graces
Bestowed upon mortal man
Simply because He can,
To the edge of the precipice
Mixed with foam below
White as the snow ~
~ The Falls,
O the beauty of that show !

In the waters of the green sea
Plunging, gushing, twisting, misting,
The Falls glorifies God's majesty ~
O the beauty of His Tapestry !
What fools are we
If we do not see ~
~ in The Falls,
His captivating Beauty !

The Gorge flows with swelling waters
Ever dashing, thrashing, and crashing
Upon rocks and docks;
It swirls, whirls and twirls
Panting in a prancing dance
As at God's Wonders I glance.
Then in a trance
I stare
at the Beauty there,

Nothing can compare !

© Mel Patterson 10-18-06

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