Sunday, October 29, 2006

Praise, Adoration and Honor ever be Thine !

Keeping our eyes fixed upon the Prize
In the face of distraction and temptation,
We firmly rebuke the evil one's lies,
Calling upon You, Lord, for emancipation.
Glory and Praise is our bold proclamation !

Our desires are for the things above;
Jesus, O Lord, You are our ultimate goal.
You bless us with unconditional love
Wanting to save each and every single soul,
May Praise songs from every Church bell toll !

You, Lord, are the Glory of the Father;
You are Splendor and Majesty Divine.
It is with us mere mortals You bother ~
For You, O Lord, our souls do pine;
Praise, Adoration and Honor ever be Thine !

© Mel Patterson, 10-29-06

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