Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of time,
In which you give us every chance
to ready our souls for your coming;
Guide us, Lord, to your Heavenly Dance.

O the joy of the moment when you call
Taking us at the appointed hour
Leading us one by one,
when all is said and done,
To your Majesty's Celestial Tower.

We await your coming with hope-filled hearts.
In Faith we know your Promise is true,
When we shall spend all of eternity
With Angels and Saints and You.

Your Angels and Saints forever adore You,
Your Mother waits patiently by your side
To meet and greet us as we enter the Gate,
(we can hardly wait to participate)
Where we shall in Joyful gladness ever abide.

PRAISE be to YOU, O LORD our GOD !!!
We can hardly contain the heart's desire
When that moment in time does arrive
And we hear the JOYFUL Heavenly Choir.
O how our hearts aspire
with Holy Spirit fervor and Fire !!!

© Mel Patterson, 3-29-06

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