Tuesday, March 21, 2006

" I'll NEVER be the SAME "

Oh, my Lord, words escape me
In how to PRAISE You rightly;
Yet here I am struggling along
With words rhyming only slightly.

It is in PRAISE of You I try
So inadequately to honor and adore
You with words of worship
That should ooze from my every pore.

Forgive my feeble attempts
To give You adequate PRAISE,
When all I truly want to do
Is to be with you all of my days.

Unite my heart with Yours, Lord.
Keep me close by Your side;
Embrace me and tell me you love me.
Within your sacred wounds bid me hide.

Take me, break me, make me like You;
Hold me, enfold me, and mold me.
It is only with You I wish to be
Throughout all of eternity.

Take this humble Praise I give;
It comes with love from my heart.
Tell me you will accept it, please,
And that we shall never be apart.

I love You, O Lord, my God.
I'll love you beyond my death;
I shall love You forever and always
Even after my last shallow breath.

Because of You I have breath and life;
You have guided me from my birth.
How I pray that one glorious day
You will come to take me from this earth.

O God, Father, Abba, Adonai,
You have blessed me beyond all measure;
You treat me as tho' I were -- a treasure.
Glory and Praise be Your Holy Name.
Because of You, I'll never be the same.

Glory and Praise be Your Holy Name.
Because of You, I'll never be the same

Glory and Praise be Your Holy Name !!!

© Mel Patterson, 3-21-06

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