Saturday, March 11, 2006


The seedling did not know,
When it peeked its' head above the ground
That it would one day grow
Tall, sturdy, strong and sound.

The growing tree did not know,
Bathing in the rain, basking in the sun,
That one day it would make history,
By being the Cross of God's only Son.

The tree did not know,
That men had a sinister plan to use it.
They chopped and axed it to the ground,
Hauled it away; how they did abuse it.

The tree did not know,
As those men chopped and shaped it,
That two crossbars, one long, one short,
The Body of Jesus would have draped it.

The tree finally knew
His purpose was in serving God;
To Lift up The Spotless Lamb,
God chose, eons ago, a tiny little pod.

The Tree knew it was a symbol
because of JESUS' Death
on its' wood.
It might have chosen a different path
if only it could.

Beautiful tree, hollowed wood,
Shaped, sanded and planed,
Jesus died and rose again,
Eternity we have gained

Tree of Life - tall and straight
Cross of Christ Crucified,
Because of His Death and Resurrection,

© Mel Patterson, 3-11-06

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