Saturday, March 04, 2006

" Mary's Sorrowful Lament "

BLOOD of my blood,
My beautiful precious Son ...
O my GOD what have they done?

FLESH of my flesh,
Who knew that my "Yes,"
Would result in this sorrowful mess?

BONE of my bone,
My heart is shred into a million pieces.
I pray this cruel torture soon ceases.

HEART of my heart,
You are ripped, stripped and lying bare..
Does not anyone anywhere care?

Cross, O terrible Cross,
With you, my Son, nailed to it;
O my GOD, why did they do it?

BREATH of my breath,
Gasping, struggling, shallow, dying;
I can not help you and I am crying.

DEATH of my……death,
Lifeless they place you close to my heart;
Oh Jesus, why must you and I part?

Jesus, JESUS, O my SON,
I want to hold you close and not let go;
I have never-ever in this life felt so low.

SPIRIT of my spirit,
A flicker of hope within me remains;
It is exactly what Your FATHER ordains.

Inspite of tears and sorrow
Spilling on into tomorrow,
Within my spirit I know
Your life was not in vain;
This inspiration keeps me sane;
Eternal life will be my gain.

May ALL PRAISE forever be THINE!
Assume me into heaven with Thee
And blissful forever shall I be.

© Mel Patterson, 3-4-06

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