Friday, March 24, 2006

" Thank you, Lord "

The Light of Christ is upon us
Through tribulation and trial.
The Love of Christ envelops us
Every inch of every mile.

O Lord, you refresh the soul
And Lord, you are our desire.
You are our ultimate goal;
Fill us with Holy Spirit Fire !

Thank you, Lord, for every good grace.
Thank you for the blessings you give.
Wherever we are in whatever place,
We'll praise you for as long as we live.

Lord, God of Heaven and Earth,
You have carved us in the Palm of your Hand;
You have loved each of us from our birth,
And came to lead us to your Heavenly Land.

Blessed Shepherd, Keeper of the Gate,
Lead us to that pasture lush and green.
Your sheep gather before it's too late
For the Home no eye has yet seen.

GLORY to you, O beautiful Lord.
Our hearts are full of anticipation.
Voices in Heaven and Earth in one accord
Sing in JOYFUL expectation !!!

All glory and honor are yours, Almighty God and Father !!!

© Mel Patterson, 3-25-06

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